Terms & Conditions


These are the terms and conditions for the automated drafting of documents through Peppercorn.


In these terms and conditions: ‘you’ means you, i.e. either any natural person who is acting for purposes which are outside his trade, business, craft or profession, or any natural person or legal entity who is acting in his trade, business, craft or profession; ‘we’ or ‘us’ means Peppercorn S.r.l. (registration code, tax code and VATIN IT10721840014 with registered office at 65/A via Savona, I-20144 Milano). If you have any query or claim please write us at feedback@peppercorn.it or call us at +393286862362.


Peppercorn is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) available at the URL http://www.peppercorn.it/ for drafting, so far, international commercial contracts and documents. As you can see, Peppercorn assembles different clauses depending on your answers to a questionnaire in order to create a customised legal document and also enables you to translate it into another among those available. This is possible thanks to a database of clauses and answers drafted, and an overall path designed, by lawyers experienced in the matter. And this is also why the text parts you have filled in do not automatically translate and you have to do it. The explanations are general information on legal practices of international trade, taking into account EU law, but they do not refer to any specific jurisdiction, while the questions and the clauses are suitable to address standard circumstances in business negotiations of EU small and medium enterprises. Indeed, we are confident that using Peppercorn to prepare a draft contract is far better than googling some static sample and cutting and pasting it to create a Frankenstein document. On the other hand, Peppercorn is no legal advice: if you are not a lawyer and you doubt that the information and document you get through Peppercorn match your specific circumstances, you’d better contact a lawyer for advice; if you are a lawyer or consultant, you may want to deepen the information or fine tune the documents to make them match your client’s specific needs. In all cases, we invite you to read the entire document through the preview window: if, after reading it, you are not persuaded that it matches your needs, please do not buy it.


We make available Peppercorn on the Internet. It is designed to run on the mainstream browsers (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari). You need not and cannot download neither any software nor the texts database: the source code, the executables and the database are ours and we are not making them available at any title. You get access only to the front-end of Peppercorn and you may read the information, answer the questions and download the digital file (either in .pdf format or .docx format) containing the document you have prepared and edit and use it as you like.


If you choose to buy one single document the price for it is EUR 19.00 +22% VAT (unless you own a non-Italian VIES registerd VAT number, which entitles you to get a VAT-exempt invoice). If you choose the monthly subscription, the monthly fee is EUR 29.00 +22% VAT (unless you own a non-Italian VIES registerd VAT number, which entitles you to get a VAT-exempt invoice) and you will be able to draft and download an undefined number of documents for thirty-one days from the subscription; this subscription will not automatically (this being said, we will likely remind you about the expiry and propose to subscribe again). We require you to pay through PayPal just after completing your order (which includes accepting these terms and conditions) and before downloading your document.


At last, before buying the document or subscribing, please consider that you will not benefit from a right of withdrawal from the contract: so, if you still want to think about it, take your time and come back when you are sure about buying your document or subscribing.